Ginza St. Bakery

The Bakery is distinct in its style, design & product offerings from the usual Italian and French style bakeries currently in the market. The concept is a quick paced self-serve Bakery with an interesting queue for the breads and the cashiers. The Bakery will be a destination place for guests who want to be seen; and also the first to recommend between family and friends. The environmental brand will has a sophisticated Asian feel, quick paced yet friendly; and caters to a metropolitan, internationally savvy market. The Bakery conveys a strong emotive branding throughout the store concept. The strength of the product offerings, coupled with a superior store environment, packaging, website and collateral pieces works to form a cohesive brand standard throughout the store. Offerings will include breads, pastries, teas, coffees, boba drinks; and a continuously changing menu board with new.

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