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54° East is a progressive global business enterprise. The goal of the company is to calculate each step – strategically considering the future while progressively changing the present. This strategy has allowed us to become a leader in the region with plans for expansion throughout the Middle East, Africa, Singapore and Europe. We have extensive knowledge in providing quality products and experiences, and it is this expertise that allows us to not only identify trends, but to set new standards within this fast-paced and ever changing industry.

54° East is at the forefront of bringing unique experiences to urban and metropolitan settings. The business model has built a well rounded, sophisticated corporation with a distinct difference from the competition. This is represented both in the portfolio and the approach.

The name, 54° East, cleverly represents the longitude of Dubai, the headquarters of the corporation. This dynamic city is well-suited for the company’s forward-thinking and fast-paced attitude. The identity is a bold mark with a smart usage of Dubai’s famous buildings within the image. It suggests the cityscape of Dubai and cleverly introduces the skyline within the fork suggesting a modern, cosmopolitan organization , The logo and name together immediately convey the company’s focus on cosmopolitan destinations that serve a modern consumer which was the birth of the enterprise business line in 2008.


Progressive Global Company


Forefront In Innovation

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At 54° East, we’ve gone to great lengths to build a strong portfolio of unique brands in order to garner market share in an underserved market. We are looking to build partnerships with qualified companies worldwide to capitalize on this fast-paced and dynamic markets within the UAE and beyond.

Our company is built for growth and with the infrastructure to support national and international partnerships. If you are interested and qualified to partner with us, contact our Investor Services Officer.

    Proud Member of MENAFA
    Approved by Dubai Chamber
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    28th floor, Prime Tower, Downtown,
    P.O. Box 98811, Dubai, UAE

    (+971) 4 514 9488


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